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Apply for Mortgage 30y Fixed 4.000% 4.028% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 25y Fixed 4.000% 4.033% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 20y Fixed 3.750% 3.781% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 15y Fixed 3.000% 3.069% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 10y Fixed 2.750% 2.750% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 5y ARM 2.500% 2.812% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 7y ARM 2.990% 2.898% 0.000
Apply for Mortgage 10y ARM 3.500% 4.192% 0.000
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Interest rates are at incredible low percentages right now, making it a great time to purchase a home, invest in a second home, or refinance your current home.

A 10 year fixed rate mortgage will lock you into the current interest rate for the next 10 years, protecting you if mortgage rates start rising again.

Choose This Loan if...

You want to avoid interest rate increases. Because 10 year fixed mortgage rates have decreased significantly in the past several years, securing a 10 year fixed mortgage is a great way to avoid paying higher interest rates later on as the housing market improves.

You are going to stay in your home a long time One reason to choose a 10 year fixed rate mortgage is if you intend to live in your home for more than 7 years. This could be a good choice for someone with a young family, a first-time home buyer, or a person investing in a second home.

You want to avoid higher interest in higher term loans With a 10 year fixed rate, you get the best fixed rate mortgage; Often loans with higher terms come with a higher interest rate.

You want to pay off your home fasterHaving a shorter term loan will help you pay off your loan at a faster rate. There are several things that you should consider when making this decision, such as whether you will be able to afford your mortgage payments for the next ten years. Some loans offer low interest rates but higher mortgage payments.

10 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Absolute Mortgage has the lowest 10 year fixed mortgage rates in the industry with 14 years of experience to help you find the right mortgage for your financial situation. Our customers know that we will do everything we can to make the mortgage process as painless as possible.

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